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Built in 1866 after two years of construction, Trinity United Methodist Church is a fine example of Gothic architecture. The building features two tall spires, stained glass windows, buttresses, among other architectural elements. It is a contributing property of the Historic Resources of Downtown Evansville, Indiana district, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The church is modeled after St. Paul's M.E. Church in Newark, New Jersey. It is one of a handful of buildings in Evansville still owned by the original organization.

  • Trinity United Methodist Church was erected in 1866 and is one of the few buildings still owned by the original organization.
The congregation was founded in 1825 by a group of Evansville Methodists. They built their first church building, Locust Street Methodist Episcopal Church in 1839. By 1860, the congregation had grown enough to warrant a new, larger building. Unfortunately, the Civil War postponed the start of construction until early 1864. The church was finally finished two years later in March 1866. In the 1920s, a Tudor-style addition was constructed that contained classrooms, office space, a kitchen, and a gym.    
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