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San Antonio Female College was founded in 1894 and operated under that name until 1918. In that year, San Antonio Female College became known as Westmoorland College. In 1937, the college was renamed the University of San Antonio. The University of San Antonio merged with Trinity University and utilized this location from 1941 until 1952. In 1952, the property was purchased by the San Antonio Catholic Archdiocese and was used by Assumption Seminary from 1972 until 2000. It was used by the Mexican American Cultural Center for some time until the Fall of 2000. Eventually, the building was demolished and Flores Hall, the Archbishop's residence was built on this space.

The Portal to Texas History includes a concise history and historic photographs and postcards from the San Antonio Female Academy, a school that was later known as San Antonio Female College and operated from 1894 until 1918. The former women's school then became home to Westmoorland College and then the University of San Antonio in 1937. This college founded in 1937 was not the same institution as the University of Texas at San Antonio, an institution of higher learning that is part of the University of Texas system and was established several decades later. The University of San Antonio later became what is now Trinity University. This Woodlawn Campus was the location of Trinity University until 1952 when it moved to its present location and Assumption Seminary acquired this property. 

Assumption Seminary used the former residence hall and then repurposed for the Mexican American Catholic College until they moved their functions to a new building in 2000.  At that point, the building became too expensive for the Archdiocese to maintain. After meeting with preservationists, officials agreed to incorporate some details of the exterior into any new building or spaces on the property. 

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