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The Greene County Historical Society traces its roots back to 1923 when Waynesburg College professor Andrew Jackson Waychoff called for the creation of a local history society. Today, the Greene County Historical Society operates this historical museum at the former location of the Greene Hills Poor Farm. In addition to the 52-rooms in the main house, the museum operates a restored cabin and barn, along with several other facilities on its 17 acre campus. The society also holds several festivals and tours along with programs for children and lectures for history lovers.

  • The former Greene Hills Poor Farm building that now houses the historical society and museum.
  • Artifacts on display in the museum's Military Room.
  • A desk once used by Governor Edward Martin.
  • A steam locomotive on display in one of the museum's out buildings.

The historical soceity opened its museum in 1971 after acquiring the Green Hills Poor Farm which had been condemned in 1969.  Since its acquisition, the 1859 home for the indigent has been extensively renovated.  It is now home to over 1,000 historical artifacts that focus on the political, economic, social, religious and military history of Greene County.

Its permanent exhibits include the Doctor's Office, Military Room, Governor Edward Martin Room, the Master Bedroom exhibit and the Victorian Parlor.  It also features rotating exhibits and past ones have included The Gilded Age in Greene County, 90 Years of the Greene County Historical Society, and Blue, Gray, and Greene: The American Civil War in Greene County.  The society is currently restoring the Crouse School House and offers two educational programs: the Summer Junior Historian Program and a college internship. 

In addition to the museum, the society operates a local history library with a collection of books as well as archival documents and photographs. The collection centers on the history of Greene County and surrounding areas. Those interested in learning more about the history of Greene County can view two historic books that provide an overview of the subject. The first was published in 1882 and the second is from 1941. Thanks to the preservation and digitization efforts of local and university libraries, both texts are available by clicking on the links below. 

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