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The Archdiocese of Boston continues to be the center for the Catholic religion within the greater Boston area. In the 19th Century the Archdiocese of Boston became the home of Catholic Education offices. When catholicism began to spread throughout the area, the Archdiocese of Boston was responsible for creating Catholic schools and curriculums. Still to this day, the offices have remained the "superintendent" of Catholic schools.

  • Crest of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Good Voyage
  • Original Catholic school created by the Archdiocese of Boston
The story of the Archdiocese of Boston starts like far too many stories. The tragic events of the Ursuline Sister's Convent being burnt down motivated Bishop Benedict Fenwick to spread catholicism and its teachings into specific schools. This new found interest and passion for Catholic schools lead to the creation of Holy Cross College in 1843. 

The creation of Holy Cross and the process the bishops went under were extensive and trivial to the future of Catholic schools. When applying for permits in 1847, the bishops and Archdiocese of Boston were consistently denied because those ruling the permits held anti-Catholic views. Thus, permitting any kind of Catholic education to be taught. In 1865, John A. Andrew granted the Archdiocese of Boston the permits to truly break ground on The College of Holy Cross. 

Many bishops believed that the teachings of catholicism were extremely important but in many ways frightening, due to the past anti-Catholic acts that had been taken (Ursuline Sister's Convent & Not Receiving Permits). Many of the leaders of the Archdiocese of Boston at the time did not want Catholics to be knowingly separate from society because they believed it was too much of a threat. 
As time went on and closer to the end of the century, catholicisim began to integrate itself into society and soon enough Catholic schools were being built across the city and the greater Boston area. The Boston area became dependent upon the ease for a Catholic, private education because of how infiltrated the religion became. 

Still to this day, the Archdiocese of Boston manage the Catholic schools in Massachusetts and distribute the curriculum that is ever changing. 
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