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This local history museum is unique in its large number of artifacts from both early Dutch Settlers and artwork from the Netherlands dated from the 17th through the 20th century. The museum shares the history and art of Holland's founders who arrived in 1847 and faced difficulties such as a devastating fire that destroyed much of the community in 1871.

  • Holland Museum
  • Metal Sword from Indonesia, piece in the Holland Museum art collection.
  • Burial Cloth, another piece in the Holland Museum art collection.
  • Dutch Renaissance Cabinet, a piece on display at the Holland Museum art collection.

The museum was created three-quarters of a century ago and provides a collection that preserves and shares 400 years' through artifacts and interpretive exhibits. The museum includes three main levels of galleries with the first floor holding the permanent collection, the second-floor dedicated to the museum's famed Dutch galleries, and the third floor dedicated to artifacts related to literature and a research library.

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