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Only two miles north of the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, this statue in the heart of Hodgenville Public Square features a six-foot-tall statue of the 16th President on top of a twelve-foot marble foundation. Sculptor Adolph Weinman designed the monument which was dedicated to the town of Hodgenville May 31, 1909. On May 31, 2008 a statue depicting a young Abraham Lincoln sitting on a tree stump reading a book was added to the Public Square Memorial. The two figures face one another and provide an aesthetic centerpiece for visitors and local townspeople.

  • Lincoln Monument in Lincoln Square Circle, Hodgenville, KY
  • Marble foundation of the Lincoln Monument
  • This statue of a young Abraham Lincoln was added in 2008.
  • Plaque Young Abroham Lincoln Statue 
Lincoln Square Circle 
Hodgenville, Ky 
  • The square also includes the Gettysburg Address
  • Lincoln's Second Inagural Address

The city dedicated the six-foot tall monument of Lincoln on May 31, 1909. The statue was made by German sculptor Adolph Weinman who was also responsible for making another Lincoln statue located inside the Kentucky capitol building in Frankfort. Abraham’s son Robert Todd Lincoln attended the unveiling ceremony along with over 10,000 other guests. Governor Augustus E. Wilson accepted the statue on part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809 in what which is now Larue County Kentucky.  The bronze statue depicts Lincoln sitting in an Empire style chair and rests on a 12ft marble foundation that is strategically placed to act as a centerpiece for Hodgenville. The words inscribed on the marble foundation read:  "Two miles south of here Abraham Lincoln was born February twelfth  eighteen hundred and nine erected with appropriations made by the legislatures of Kentucky and Congress of the United States of America ANNO DOMINI MCMIX" (3)

On May 31, 2008 a statue depicting a young Abraham Lincoln sitting on a tree stump reading a book was added to the collection in Public Square Memorial. Nearby in the square on the side of a stone block a plaque reads:

The town square is located next to several historic buildings such as Hodgenville Christian Church which was built in 1877 it is the second oldest remaining building in town. The statue is also located next to the Lincoln Museum.

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