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This historic cemetery is the resting place of many important people. One of whom was a Confederate soldier by the name of Benjamin T. Andrus.

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Benjamin Andrus was a Confederate soldier in the American Civil War. He was born on August 10, 1837, in Opelousas, Louisiana and, supposedly, died January 4, 1921, in Sunset, Louisiana. He is buried in the Saint Charles Borromeo Cemetery in Grand Coteau, Louisiana. He was born to Theophile Andrus and Eloyse Philippe Richard. He married Amelia Richard in September of 1860. They had ten children: Mary, John, Louis, Anna, Albert, Ellen, Benjamin, O’Dille, Amelia, and Henry.1

Benjamin joined the Confederate army in 1862 and served in the American Civil War as a private in the 8th Louisiana Infantry. He was taken as a prisoner of war in 1864 from Strasburg. He was paroled and transferred in 1865.2 He was disenfranchised and disrespected after the Civil War along with Clinton B. Andrus and many others. His death was speculated to be in either 1887 and buried with his brothers or in 1921. However, had he died in 1887, then how were his children born? Therefore, he must have died in 1921.3

Benjamin T Andrus was a man loved by his family. Even after being held as a prisoner of war for about a year, not to mention the time it would have taken him to get home from Richmond, VA, his family was there for him.4 He had a good family that loved him. His life seemed to be fulfilling and full of good things. He faced hardships throughout his life but in the end, he was happy and loved. Almost a century later, his family is still living and prosper to this day. In fact, some members of the family still live in Sunset, Grand Coteau, and Lafayette, Louisiana. His grave can be seen in the picture. 5

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