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The Mt. Prospect Methodist Church, constructed in 1886, survives in its original location (now an extremely rival site) as the finest example in the local area of a vernacular Greek Revival church design. The church was designed by John Pickering in a Greek Revival style and was built in 1886. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

The Mt. Prospect Methodist Church was constructed in 1886 to serve the surrounding community of Richland. Richland was established in 1873 (though he area was settled earlier, as gravestones in the cemetery adjacent date to 1867) by immigrants from southern states further east who sought relief from the oppressive social and economic conditions which characterized the post-Civil War, Reconstruction period. The town was named Richland in honor of the fertile soil the settlers found in the area and its growth was based almost exclusively on the agricultural production of its residents. 'The land brought sufficient prosperity to the community by 1880 to support two general: merchandise stores. one doctor, a tobacco factory, a post office. a barber shop, a union church. and a subscription school. 

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