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On April 1, 1795, Washington had appointed its first postmaster. During the first seventy five years the location of the postmaster was kept close to the court house, or at farthest a block away. In 1870, the new town hall building had been created strictly for all town purposes, featuring a central post office room. The residents of Washington then received mail at the southeast corner of the present courthouse square for around thirty years. Washington needed a new courthouse and also due to crowded post office quarters, the office was moved to the Morgan building, below Maiden Street, on January 7, 1903. Soon came the decision to build a federal building with the inclusion of a post office, this all being completed June 22, 1906. As time would progress, sub stations would emerge. One in the Tyler Ward and another in the Eighth, opened January 2, 1907. To conclude, a third sub-station established in J.C. McNulty’s Drug Store (now Holbert’s) on North Main Street.

  • The post office building shown in this postcard is now City Hall at 55 West Maiden Street.