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Also known as the Beau Street Gate, the always-open North Gate symbolizes Washington & Jefferson College's unobstructed yearning for education. Many generations of students and faculty have passed through this gate, but they are all alike in their dedication to the liberal arts curriculum of the college. The original construction of this particular gate was made of brick and cast iron, built on the 100th Anniversary Greek Ekklesia on June 28, 1948. This gate being one of four gates – Beau Street Gate, Wheeling Street Gate, Maiden Street Gate, and College Street Gate – on the college campus donated by the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta in honor of its six founders.

  • 1940s postcard of North Gate at Washington & Jefferson College.
  • Present day North Gate (2019).
  • Scanned photo and caption from the June 1950 edition of the Washington & Jefferson College "Allumni Bulletin."