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The Washington County Home and Hospital was a poorhouse founded in 1830. These facilities were designed to punish people for their poverty and make being poor so horrible that others would continue to work at all cost to not end up there. The poorhouse faded out around the time of the Great Depression as the federal government became more involved with social welfare. The poorhouse cemetery is a potters' field, currently located on the hill below the parking lot of the Premier Washington Health Center. The graves are marked by small stones with only numbers because most were unknown and uncared for.

  • This postcard was created after the erection in 1872
  • Current photo in Premier Washington Health Center
  • According to this plaque, a subsequent Washington County Home was erected in 1872 on the same site. Then, was remodeled in 1922.
  • First founded in 1830
  • To all who are here, known and unknown, god knows rest in peace.