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A 2,468 foot tunnel was constructed in 1913 to shorten Brady’s Bend by over five miles. The tunnel was mainly constructed to avoid the dangerous turns at Brady’s Bend. It was created by using dynamite, having large wood braces inserted inside the tunnel for extra support. Tunnel construction was delayed by falling rocks, causing the project to take three years. With the tunnel no longer in use by the railroad because of flooding, the present owners of the tunnel plan on turning it into a connecting trail for Erie and Pittsburgh.

  • This is one of the entrances to Brady's tunnel which was in operation from 1916 until 2010 when Land Trust bought the railroad corridor and tunnel.
  • This shows the inside of the deserted tunnel in which it was flooded due to the fact it has been out of operations for nine years now.
  • Postcard of Brady's Tunnel.
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