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Located in downtown Springville, Echoes Through Time Learning Center & Civil War Museum is the only education center and museum in Western New York dedicated to the Civil War. The museum offers a wide variety of educational programming such as talks, demonstrations, historic and battlefield tours, cemetery tours, and local and regional tours. It also features exhibits, a reference library, and collections. Numerous Civil War era items (many of which can be touched) are on display including rifles, uniforms, canteens, cartridge boxes, saddles, and an incendiary cannonball from a Union ship that lodged in a stone house in Charleston, South Carolina. Both sides of the war are represented. The museum also has a lot of information available on its website.

  • The Echoes Through Time Learning Center & Civil War Museum is located in downtown Springville.
  • Rifles and other weapons are on display.
  • Union and Confederate items are displayed.
  • There is a wide variety of artillery projectiles at the museum.
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