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This beautiful Victorian-era home is the headquarters of the Seneca Falls Historical Society which was established in 1896. The house was built around 1855 in the Italianate style and was converted to the Queen Anne style around 1875. The Society preserves and promotes the area's rich history through exhibits, its large collection, and the various educational and entertainment events it offers throughout the year. The house also contains original and period furnishings.

  • The Seneca Falls Historical Society is housed in this historic c.1855 home.
  • The tower clock was built around 1895 and is on display behind the house.
The first house built at this location, a simple one-room home, was constructed in 1823. Land developer Colonel Wilhelmus Mynderse built the current house around 1855. It stood on a 10-acre estate that included a carriage house, vineyard, garden, and orchard. The next owner, Mrs. Leroy Partridge, bought the home and was responsible for its conversion to the Queen Anne style. The house was also fitted with new features including stained-glass windows, gas lights, and carved fireplaces. The entire third floor was added as well. The last private owner of the house was the Norman Becker family, who moved acquired the house in 1890. It remained in the family until 1961 when the Society purchased it. 

The collection of the Seneca Falls Historical Society is large, comprising around 200,000 historical items and artifacts, and 20,000 photographs. Items in the collection include books, ledgers, diaries, clothing, Civil War accounts, documents related to the women's rights movement, and genealogy records. All of these are available for research. Additionally, behind the house is a c.1895 tower clock that used to be atop the Hoskins Block building. 
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Photos: Seneca Falls Historical Society