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William Codington Verry, Farmer 1795-1877 A neighbor to Ebenezer Carter, and fellow abolitionist was William Verry. Verry was an Abolitionist before the Congregational Church was form in 1833 in fact he was part of the 1823 anti-slavery group, the Morganian Society in Morgan County. He and his wife Lydia Massy came to Morgan County sometime before 1823. The family had four children all born in Morgan County. The 1839 Tax Roll of Morgan County listed his farm as 80 acres (T15N-R10W, sec. 32), which was their home until his death in 1877. It was said that Mrs. W.C. Verry was always ready to help out with the UGRR. His barn was a common hiding place for runaways.

  • W.C. Verry's farm was two farms east of  Ebenezer Carter's farm.T15N-R10w, sec.32