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The Bethel AME Church is located in downtown Jacksonville, IL. Predominately a black church but the Bethel AME Church is a welcoming to all church. Known for the history back in the 1900s, the Bethel AME Church is visited by tourists that stroll through Jacksonville, IL.

  • February 2nd 1915
  • Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Jacksonville, IL.
There were four black churches during the 1900s. One including the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Rev. George T. Shaw was a pastor at the Bethel AME Church which at the time had a total of 245 people. The real estate value of the church was about $20,000,00. There is a seating capacity of about 400 people with the choir comfortably seating 35 people. The interior of the church is beautiful as it is a color of rich clack walnut. On the outside of the Bethel AME Church is red brick with colored glass windows. Inside of the church there are two main departments which include: Trustee department and the Stewards & Stewardess department. 
During the 1900s racism was a problem. An event took place on February 2nd 1915 at the Bethel AME Church. A group of black and white church members and pastors came together at the Bethel AME Church. The people spent the day listening to Mrs. Catherine M. Johnson who was the leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The talk went on to proceed to seek "better understanding between the races and to combat discrimination." 
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