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Opening its doors in 1981, Jerome County Historical Museum is a business located in the Southern Railway Depot. It is dedicated to preserving the county's history and features exhibits that highlight important events, developments, and people. Containing several exhibits and an entire library that stores newspapers and volumes from throughout the area’s history, tourists are encouraged to stop by and learn of Jerome County’s fascinating history.

  • The Jerome County Historical Society Museum was founded in 1981 and is located in the former Southern Idaho Railway depot.

Established in 1981, the Jerome County Historical Museum is in the historic Southern Railway Depot. Several exhibits are open here, all of which teach about the county’s history. These include one of the most successful Carey Irrigation Act projects in the country (the Act allowed private companies to build irrigation systems in the Western states to help farmers who could not do them on their own) and the Minidoka Relocation Camp, which was in the nearby town of Hunt and one of several camps that Japanese-Americans were forced to live in during WWII. The museum also features a research library that contains over one hundred bound volumes of newspapers and other items such as maps, obituaries, and various records.

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