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Hawthorne School, named for American author Nathaniel Hawthorne, operated from 1886 until 1974. It was then used as a home for unwed mothers and later, a dance studio. Though it was falling into disrepair, the old school was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986, a century after its construction. After several failed attempts to renovate and reuse the building, Hawthorne School was converted into an apartment complex in January 1998.

  • Hawthorne School was named after Nathaniel Hawthorne, who wrote novels such as The Scarlet Letter, The House of the Seven Gables, and The Marble Faun.

Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts on July 4, 1804. After graduating from Bowdoin College in Maine, Hawthorne began perfecting his craft. During his early career, Hawthorne’s writing brought him some fame but little income. Once he had saved enough money, he married Sophia Peabody in 1842. To make ends meet, Hawthorne also took a job as a surveyor of the Customs House in Salem in 1845. In 1848, he published his most well-known work, The Scarlet Letter. During the 1850s, he served as a consul in Liverpool, England on behalf of his friend President Franklin Pierce. On May 19, 1864, Nathaniel Hawthorne died in his sleep after battling poor health.

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