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Historically known as the Gilmore Barn, The Round Barn is one of the most unique structures in Greene County. Octagon (eight sides) in shape, it was built around 1899 by the Gilmore family. It is the earliest and largest round barn erected in the state, and the only one with full stone walls. Another notable feature is the cupola at the top of the roof. The barn was designed to hold animal stock, hay, and corn. It has been well maintained and is in very good condition. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, today it is used as a wedding and event venue.

  • The Round Barn was built around 1899 by the Gilmore family. It is the biggest round-shaped barn in Missouri.
The Gilmore family, led by James A. and Barsheba Ferguson Gilmore, first arrived in Greene County in 1835 from Tennesse in search of land. They were likely of Scotch-Irish descent and were attracted to the tall grass prairies that once existed here and the good farming soils. It is not apparent who of the Gilmore family built the barn.
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons