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Born July 24, 1897, Amelia Earhart became renowned worldwide for her numerous flights and world records, including a flight where she was the first pilot to fly from Hawaii to North America, an act that would result in a monument being constructed. On January 11th, 1935, Earhart left Wheeler Field in Honolulu, Hawaii and landed at the Oakland Airport in Oakland, California, a flight that would last for eighteen hours over 2,400 miles. Throughout her life she would continue to set records within aviation as she became renowned across the globe. Two years after her flight from Hawaii to North America, Earhart would attempt a flight around the globe following along the planet’s equator aiming to land on Howland Island in the South Pacific. Earhart would eventually disappear forever during this flight after sending out a final radio message stating that she was low on fuel. In honor of Earhart’s bravery as well as what she managed to accomplish for women in America, a monument for all to see was constructed in Hawaii overlooking the sea where it was said that Earhart flew by before traveling to North America.

A picture of the Earhart Monument taken by Rev. Ronald Irick on December 6, 2017.

A picture of the Earhart Monument taken by Rev. Ronald Irick on December 6, 2017.

A photo of the Earhart Monument inscription.

A photo of the Earhart Monument inscription.

On July 24, 1897, Amelia Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas to Amelia "Amy" Otis and Edwin Earhart. For most of her life Earhart would live with her grandparents where she dreamed of adventure and would often explore her grandparent’s neighborhood pursuing that very thing. When she did return home her family’s unstable financial situation would result in her father traveling frequently searching for a stable job. Amelia and her mother would follow, resulting in Amelia being unable to keep very many friends, however, considering her situation Earhart showed an interest and an aptitude for science and sports. Later in her life she would eventually marry George Putnam, the publisher of her autobiography on February 7, 1931. 

In 1920 Earhart would eventually take a flight at a Long Beach airshow that would lead to desiring desperately to become a pilot herself. Working from job to job, Earhart worked until she could eventually save up enough money for lessons. She would keep her hair trimmed short and sleep in a leather jacket for three days to wear it down in order to seem more experienced and in hopes to be accepted by fellow aviators. In 1923, Earhart would be the 16th woman to receive her pilot's license by The Federation Aeronautique. 

Throughout Earhart’s life she would manage to complete numerous flights of fame, including a trip in 1932, from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland to Culmore, Northern Ireland. Later she would fly a solo trip from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Oakland, California in 1935, as well as a solo flight from Los Angeles to Mexico City, and a month later from Mexico City to New York. Earhart would also manage to achieve numerous world records in aviation, a feat that she hoped would open doors for women throughout the globe. Her most famous flight, however, would occur in 1937 where Earhart had hoped to fly around the globe along the planet’s equator. During this flight, however, on her journey to Howland Island in the South Pacific she would eventually go missing with no trace of her to be found even after extensive searches being conducted. In 1939 Earhart was officially declared deceased.  

Throughout her life, Earhart would manage to become an international hero that fought for women's rights as she dared to challenge the ideas of society at the time. She would complete numerous flights and set numerous records that were considered impossible for many. Earhart would eventually have a monument dedicated to her in Honolulu, Hawaii where she became the first pilot so fly across both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The monument can be visited by all by the Amelia Earhart lookout near the sea. The monument captures the ideals of the young woman as she challenged the world and worked to fulfill her dreams. 

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