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With an architecturally distinctive stair-step façade, this district reflects Main Street commerce within the New River coal fields, featuring commercial architecture post-dating the fire of 1910.

  • Main Street - 1915 - WVU - Walter Caldwell
  • Postcard showing Garret and McNabb Block newly rebuilt.  Rubble from post fire can still be seen on the West side of Main St,
  • Parade with boy scouts, 1929.
  • Main St, Pre-fire of 1910.
  • Sweet shop, 1961.
  • Main St., Circa. 1940-1950.

The Garret and McNabb block of Mount Hope was completely rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1910.  The architecturally distinctive stair-step facade reflects the districts Main Street commerce which was prominent throughout the coal fields.  After losing the entire downtown commerce district if was decided to utilize stone to rebuild the area.  Many different businesses have lined the streets of Mount Hope throughout the years including hardware stores, barber shops, pharmacies, and the locals hang-out known as the Sweet Shop.  As West Virginia's economy has suffered so too has West Virginia's Downtown districts. It is the hope of young entrepreneurs and developers to use structurally sound buildings such as these to help spur local economic opportunities and encourage economic development.