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Built in 1897, this building is one of the oldest remaining structures in Mount Hope. The former First National Bank of Mount Hope survived the fire of 1910.

  • Picture taken after the fire of 1910. One of the only structures remaining after the great fire.  

Photograph: West Virginia & Regional History Center
  • First National Bank with original clock.
  • Mt.Hope Telephone Switchboard office was located on the second floor of the First National Bank building. As seen in image , Susan Spade in the white blouse  and Dixie Painter is in the black top,

Constructed in 1895, the First National Bank served local merchants and coal companies which permeated the area.  The New River coalfield was brimming with independent coal producers.    This building served area residents until the Great Fire of 1910.   When the smoke would begin to settle on March 24th 109 years ago, the only structures still standing in the town were the Mount Hope Christian Church and the stone Frist National Bank Building.  Work to rebuild Mount Hope would begin quickly after the fire.  Restoration of the building was a top priority since repairs were limited to the interior of the structure.  The bank would once again open its doors and would operate in the town for many years to come.  Also located in this facility have been a telephone company and several dentists and doctors’ offices.