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Two-story vernacular commercial building, built in 1920. Currently being restored for the Coal Heritage Discovery Center, a visitor center featuring coal heritage interpretive exhibits.

  • Formerly a Ford dealership you can view the advertisement painted on the building that was removed during preservation.
  • Patterson Garage business card used for promotion.
  • Coal Heritage Authority after preservation
  • Coal Heritage Authority opening for the public during Mount Hope's Jubilee, Mount Hope's annual festival.
  • Future Home of Coal Heritage Discovery Center concept design.
Originally operated as the Patteson Garage Co., and owned by L.C. Patteson father to former West Virginia Governor Okey Patteson.  This dealership is the location in which Gov. Patteson would begin working as a young man.  It later is closed and would site idle as the coal boom left the area.  Now owned by the Coal Heritage Authority this building will be the location of their office and a welcome center for the Mount Hope rails-to-trails system.