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This is a public elementary school that serves 635 students ranging from PK-8 in the South end of Boston. The majority of these students are of White descent, followed by Hispanic, Asian, then Black. This school partakes in the New Generation Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS). A unique fact about this school is that it is also a magnet school.

This site is not historically recognized, but in this tour it is recognized for being one of the most acclaimed schools in the South End. The Eliot Elementary School is a public, charter school under the Boston Public Innovation Schools, which allows the schools to design the curriculum in a way that allows the students to excel in any way possible. The school approaches education from an "holistic" perspective which allows students to truly feel like their apart of the Boston community. 

This school is ranked as 446 out of the 1001 elementary schools in the state. It is 59.5 % White, 17.2% Hispanic, 9.3% Asian, and 7.4% African-American. 635 students are served from PK to 8, 41.3% being classified as high needs, 21.7% are economically disadvantaged, 17.8% do not speak English as a first language, and 18% have disabilities. In regards to the Next Generation Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (2017) students ranging from grades 3-8, meet expectations for English Language Arts and Mathematics. 

I chose this elementary schools because it is one of the most acclaimed in South Boston. South End generally has a larger White population and I wanted to see how they would compare to populations with larger ethnic demographics. Because this school is in a setting where there are not as many disadvantages and hardships, it is clear that the students at this level are exposed to an abundance of resources and opportunities which is projected I their success. 
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