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This is a public charter elementary school that serves 533 students ranging from PK-8. The majority of the student body is African-American descent, then Hispanic, then White. This elementary school also partakes in the New Generation Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS). A unique fact about this school is that it is relatively new and opened its door in 1995 to just 51 students.

This location is set in Dorchester, MA, a neighborhood in Boston that is predominately Black. This school was created with the hopes of improving education in an area has been neglected for so long. It is a public, charter elementary school which mean that the school has the ability to design the curriculum in any way that benefits the students. The school serves 533 students that range from PK to grade 8.

Due to its environment, the population is 52.9% African-American, 21.2% white, 17.1% hispanic, and 2.4% Asian. 53.5% of the population is classified as high needs, 38.6% are economically disadvantaged, and 22.7 do not have English as their first language. 

This school is ranked as 261/1001 out of the elementary schools in Massachusetts. In regards to the 2017 Next Generation Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, the school meets expectations in English Language Arts (Grades 3-8), however partially meets expectations in mathematics. 

I chose this school because it was one of the most acclaimed schools in the Dorchester area. I believe that it was an excellent example of how improving the schools in under-served communities benefits the community itself and the students end up succeeding on their own despite any disadvantages that may be present. 
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