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This monument is dedicated to the courageous Major Charles L. Kelly who is remembered for his bravery. This monument was placed in Aurora, CO. He was a dustoff pilot killed in action. He served in the United States army from 1925-1964.

  • This is the monument placed in honor of Major Charles L Kelly. His last words are inscribed on the monument.
  • This is where the monument is located ouside of the Fitzsimons army medical Hospital.
  • This is the Fitzsimons Army Medical Center.
Charles L. Kelly was a helicopter pilot for the U.S. army. He served during the Vietnam War. Major Kelly was born in Georgia on April 10th, 1925. He was a commanding officer of the 57th Medical Detachment from January 1964 until he was killed in action the 1st of July.

Major Kelly was known as "Combat Kelly," and was renowned for his skill, dedication, and bravery. Major Kelly died on July 1st when he came across a "hot" area to pick up hurt soldiers. The enemy was waiting for him, and he was shot and killed by a single bullet. Charles L. Kelly was introduced to the DUSTOFF Hall of fame in 2001. 

This monument was dedicated to Major Kelly after his death. It is located outside of the Fitzsimons Army Medical Center in Aurora Colorado. It is adjacent to the pedestrian walkway and named in his honor. Visiting hours for the monument are dusk until dawn. Major Kelly's last words "When I Have You Wounded" are inscribed on the monument. 
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