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Thurgood Marshall High School, is a Public Secondary School located in Dayton, Ohio. The school was formed in 2007. The school's name comes from the late Thurgood Marshall. Marshall was a civil rights attorney and an associate Supreme Court of Justice. Thurgood Marshall High School offers two fields of studies for students. Which each student has the option to pick upon enrollment. The two options include The School of Humanities and Cultural Studies or Service and Leadership.

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       Thurgood Marshall was born 1903 in Baltimore, Maryland. Marshall attended segregated public schools growing up. He later would go on to graduate law school at Howard University. He is well known for being a council member for the NAACP. He was also Americas first black Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Marshall played a significant role in helping African Americans overcome segregation.

         Thurgood Marshall passed away in 1993. Although, Thurgood Marshall High School isn’t a direct connection with the late Thurgood Marshall. The school still carries his name and Marshall’s legacy and it shows just how powerful of a historical figure Marshall was.


         Thurgood Marshall High School was formed in 2007. It was the result of Colonel White High School and Nettie Lee Roth Middle School. Although, the student population is mainly minority students. There is no racial bias to students that can attend. But, out of 585 students, 546 are black minority kids.

        The school uses STEM programs to educate students. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. They also offer a wide range of programs for students. Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps or JROTC is a big one. This allows students that are still attending high school to begin Army training. After graduation from high School, students can immediately join army and start a career. These programs allow students to focus on school. While remaining focused on what they will do in the future.

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