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Bodenham School opened in 1937 and served as a school within the African American community until 1963. The school was built with community and county funds on land owned by the Bodenham First Missionary Baptist Church, which received a rental fee from the county for the use of their land. While functioning as a school, it provided academic courses in reading, writing, mathematics, and arithmetic, but also provided vocational courses in skills like woodworking, home economics, needlework, and agriculture. The Bodenham School was not constructed with Rosenwald funds, but its design reflects the plans often used in Rosenwald schools. As roads improved and the county provided busses for African American students, rural schools were often consolidated or even shut down. In 1963, Bodenham School consolidated with Bridgeforth Elementary school in Pulaski. At this time, the school building was converted into a community center and church fellowship hall. The building has been empty since 2001.