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"The Olive Hyde Art Gallery offers the community seven gallery exhibits per year introducing an array of traditional and contemporary art with some exhibitions requesting a call for artists."

  • Olive Hyde Art Gallery Front View
  • Front View
  • Side view
  • Main Room
  • Redwood Room
  • Guild Room
  • Drawing of Olive Hyde by Hal Booth

On the Olive Hyde Art Gallery, "Founded in the 1960s, the Olive Hyde Art Gallery is located in the historic Mission San Jose area of Fremont, originally home of the Ohlone Indians. The Gallery was one of several buildings erected in the 1940s by Miss Olive Hyde. In 1962 she donated the buildings to the City of Fremont to be used for cultural and recreational purposes. Miss Hyde, member of a prominent San Francisco family, strongly supported the arts and wanted to preserve the history and atmosphere of Mission San Jose.  [at right: drawing by Wanda Avery].

The Olive Hyde Center includes the Mission Building and the Gallery. Programs in both are directed by the City’s Recreation Services Department. The Gallery’s charm and rustic simplicity make it a favorite showcase for Bay Area artists and traveling exhibits. Seven unique quality exhibits of both traditional and contemporary art are presented each year."

On the Olive Hyde Art Guild, "The Olive Hyde Art Guild, a not-for-profit organization, supports the City-owned Gallery through volunteer activities and funding for special exhibits and projects. The Guild sponsors art education programs in the schools and provides art scholarships and awards for local students.

The Olive Hyde Art Guild consists of people representing a cross-section of the community, patrons of the arts, artists and artisans. This group is brought together with the specific goal of supporting the community of Fremont in the following ways:

  • Promoting an interest in and appreciation for the visual arts
  • Supporting art education in the local schools
  • Assisting with the programs of the Olive Hyde Art Gallery
  • Encouraging participation in activities involving visual arts
  • Broadening the scope and impact of the Olive Hyde Gallery in the City of Fremont and the Northern California art community

Public receptions to celebrate the opening of each Gallery exhibit are hosted by Guild members. Funds for these purposes are raised through memberships and one annual fundraising event in December."