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The "All Hands on Deckers" mural features footprints and paw prints from various animals native to the Deckers Creek watershed, as well as members of the community. It is sponsored the Friends of Deckers Creek, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving this tributary of the Monongahela Rive. The mural is located underneath the Walnut Street Bridge abutment along the Deckers Creek Rail Trail at Stanley's Spot Dog Park.

Photo courtesy Friends of Deckers Creek.

Photo courtesy Friends of Deckers Creek.
The "All Hands on Deckers" mural is part of the Friends of Deckers Creek's public art initiative.  A spin on the phrase "all hands on deck," the mural suggests that all hands are needed to help Deckers Creek be habitable for animals living in the creek and people enjoying the creek for recreation. Deckers Creek is polluted by abandoned mine drainage and runoff in the city of Morgantown, where it meets the Monongahela River. 
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