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Iuka Lodge Hall (ca. 1882) is one of the last rural fraternal lodge halls that remain standing in the State of West Virginia. When built, the Ellsworth Council No. 108 of the Jr. O.U.A.M. had their lodge upstairs, and the bottom was the one room Iuka School. Later, in 1925, when the two room school was built, the bottom was modified and used as a store and the Iuka Post Office. In the 1940s, the lodge meeting upstairs is known to have been I.O.O.F. Lodge #329. NOTE: THE LODGE IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. The lodge ma be viewed from the public road, but no trespassing is allowed.

  • The Lodge as it appears today
  • Lodge Hall from a 1909 School Keepsake
Tyler County Courthouse Records; Local Knowledge