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One of the highlights of the Natchez trace Parkway, this historic site offers the chance to tour a well-preserved tobacco barn that was established in the mid-twentieth century. The farm is located next to a parking area along Old trace Drive and offers a two-mile walk along parts of the historic Natchez Trace that offers beautiful views of the forest. The Tobacco Farm offers information on growing and drying tobacco.

  • Tobacco drying at the Tobacco Farm. Photo courtesy of
  • Fall view of the Tobacco Farm. Photo courtesy of
  • Part of the Old Trace - Old Trace Drive. Photo courtesy of
This barn was was built in 1959 for tobacco farmer Leland Greenfield and was sold by the family to the State of Tennessee in 1977. The state turned the property over to the National Park Service to operate as a historic attraction along the Natchez trace Parkway. The Tobacco Farm itself dates back to the early 1900s. Visitors to the farm can learn about the production of tobacco in the early 1900s and can see real tobacco hanging from the rafters and learn how farmers used this technique to dry ad prepare tobacco.

After visiting the tobacco farm, one can enjoy a drive or a walk along the Old Natchez Trace. The farm is located along a one-way road starting that begins as a paved road before becoming a dirt road. The Old Trace eventually becomes paved and cars can re-enter the parkway after about a ten minute drive. 
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