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Fall Hollow Waterfall is located at milepost 391.9 on the Natchez Trace, just north of the US 412 intersection, near Gordonsburg, Tennessee. There are several waterfalls in the area and opportunities for hiking and photography. There is a paved trail with some wooden bridges that will take visitors to an overlook and a series of hiking trails.

  • One of the Fall Hollow Waterfalls. Photo courtesy of
  • Photo courtesy of, through Instagram via username tntrailtrekker.
  • Fall Hollow Waterfall is frozen in ice. Photo courtesy of
  • From under the rocks with the water coming down in front. Photo courtesy of T
A small parking lot along the Natchez Trace Parkway is only about ten feet from the waterfall. A paved trail and some wooden bridges across the creeks that lead to the waterfall also lead to an observation deck where one can see the largest waterfall. There are other smaller waterfalls in the area that require caution to make the descent as they are not regularly maintained and can be slippery. 

A beautiful waterfall is near the start of the trail taking one down to Fall Hollow Falls, and other small waterfalls can be found further down the trail. Several can be found when leaving the overlook onto the unpaved trail, and a larger waterfall can be found a little further down the trail. These waterfalls are very scenic and are good for photography. There are no facilities here but the Meriwether Lewis Memorial Park is about four miles north and has bathrooms, camping facilities and more.
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