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Wooster's Germania Hall was built by Frank C. Gerlach, Harry Kinkler and Lewis Straub in 1878 in the Italianate style of architecture. The first shops to occupy the space were a butcher shop and a saloon. The building was later home to Freedlander, an independent downtown department store that was in business until 2009.

  • Germania Hall, home of the City Square Steakhouse. Photo by Spencer O'Keefe
  • Historic Germania Hall. Photo by Dan Katsin, date unknown.
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  • The inside of City Square. The brick wall in the background is from the original construction in 1878. Photo by Spencer O'Keefe
  • The City Square Steakhouse. Photo by Spencer O'Keefe

In 2007 Liberty Market Properties bought the property and with the help of a group of investors and restaurateur Mike Mariola, the company refurbished the building and opened the City Square Steakhouse in 2008.

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