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Located in the historic F. W. Woolworth Building, Woolworth Walk is a uniquely local Asheville experience. One hundred and sixty local artists showcase their work in this shopping area and gallery in the heart of downtown that includes a 1950s lunch counter and soda fountain. The gallery displays jewelry, decorative art, fine art, and crafts. Both casual and professional artists are welcome, giving the gallery a variety of different pieces to interest viewers of all ages.

  • This 1938 Woolworth Building was restored in 2001 and has received two Griffin Awards for historical accuracy
  • The Soda Fountain, Built to resemble the original Woolworth Luncheonette
  • One of the paintings on display in the gallery
  • A display in the gallery
  • Pottery on display in the gallery
Woolworth Walk is a local gem of Asheville, a place where artists both casual and professional can display their work for many visitors to enjoy. Located in the historic F. W. Woolworth Building, the Woolworth Walk gallery and Soda Fountain keep the local history of Asheville alive while providing visitors with a taste of the contemporary art and culture of the area. 

The F. W. Woolworth Building was built in 1938. In 2000, owner Scott Sirkin began renovations on the building, eventually creating the gallery space and Soda Fountain seen today. Rebuilt in its original location, the Soda Fountain adds another layer of nostalgia to the Woolworth Walk. It resembles the original Woolworth Luncheonette, adding a 50s flair to the space that compliments the local art.

The Woolworth Walk gallery features only local artists, immersing visitors in the history and culture of Asheville. The gallery welcomes new and experienced artists alike, providing a unique array of art for visitors to enjoy. Many types of art are displayed, including paintings, photographs, pottery, and glass work. 
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