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The Kingwood National Bank building, built in 1908, stands on the northeast corner of Main and Price Streets. This is a fine two-story, Romanesque Style structure with rusticated ashlar stone facades. The building currently houses the law offices of Virginia Hopkins.

  • View from southwest to northeast
  • View from south to north
  • View from west to east
  • View from east to west
  • View from north to south
The stone was quarried at nearby Zeverly (Pleasantdale). The more prominent features include the second floor balcony/porch above the corner entrance door, which is carved from stone as well. There are square pilasters that have ornately carved Corinthian composite capitals. On the west and south elevations, second floor, there is a bank of three windows separated by stone columnn mullions with carved capitals. The main cornice of the building is a simple but massive affair with curved brackets. The construction cost was $15,000.00. The bank closed in June 1931.
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