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Alling House 215 East French Avenue The residential and now commercial structure was constructed in 1908 It represents Florida Frame Vernacular or Cracker style architecture, which is characterized by frame construction with clapboard or batten siding, one to two stories with either a side gable, a front gable, hipped or pyramidal roof with metal roofing. Originally, the property was owned by Edward B. Alling, a prominent member of the community and most notably known as Mayor of Orange City, instrumental in establishing the Orange City Chapter of the Red Cross and the donation of land for the building of Orange City town hall. The property is now known as The Alling House a Bed and Breakfast which has three rooms and five cottages, owned and operated by Gerald and Nan Hill. It has been a Bed and Breakfast for over 40 years

  • Alling House

The Alling house, A frame Vernacular . Was built in 1910. The Allings , Edward and Lillian purchased the house in 1919.He was metal pattern manufacturer from New Britain Connecticut. Edward set up a foundry on his property where he designed and cast memorial tablets, wall plaques and house markers for friends and neighbors. He also repaired the Town Hall bell.

Mr. Alling was a member of the Masons and reached the highest ranking of Illustrious Sovereign St. Honore Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine in 1911. He served as the former president of the Orange City Library Association and over 30 years as a trustee. In 1926 Mr. Alling and four other men incorporated the Orange City Bank where he served several terms as the president and was proud that the bank did not fail in the crash of 1929.

Edward served as mayor for four terms (1923.1927,1928, 1929). During his service he was essential in the forming the projected to build a new town hall. He donated the land for the building and also helped in selecting the architect Elton J. Moughton to design the building

Edward Alling helped establish the Orange City Chapter of the Red Cross through correspondence and travel to Washington D.C. Describing the need for the organization in the city.

He was the local chairman for Orange City's Chapter of the Red Cross for two years and then was elected to the board of directors. He would later donated a building for the city's chapter of the Red Cross During the Depression , he made several trips to Washing D.C. To procure flour for those in need when others had failed . He also helped to distribute the flour..

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