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Built 1857. One of the largest structures in Lisle and with its bell tower, the structure is a visual as well as historic landmark. A major feature is the three-stage tower which rises from a plain base to a flush board second stage with pilasters and an entablature identical to that on the body of the church. Above this is a plain balustrade and an octagonal drum with engaged columnns. Fred O. Chauncey served as minister from 1916 to April, 1918. Chauncey’s wife Florence was active in the 1917-1918 Dry movement and was the first woman to cast a vote in New York State during the local option election, January 5, 1918. The building was damaged in the 1935 flood and later repaired. A violent wind storm in 1943 claimed the church’s original New England style steeple. In 1936 the church merged with the Lisle Congregational Church and in 1957 was incorporated as the Lisle Associated Church. The church closed in 2010. Currently it houses apartments.

  • Lisle Methodist Episcopal Church, later Associated Church