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Brandy station, located in Virginia is best known for the Battle of Brandy Station during the Civil War. It was the largest cavalry battle in American history.

The town of a Brandy Station, Virginia is packed full of historical significance. Known best for the Battle of Brandy Station during the Civil War, this small, unincorporated town has had its fair share of action. Originally just known as Brandy, Virginia, this home of 1,800 acres of battlefield is a sight for all to enjoy.

The small town of Brandy Station has had more action in its life than most cities. The town’s original name, Brandy, was influentially changed to Brandy Station after the local tavern that advertised large Brandy sales. The civil war history of Brandy Station is overwhelmingly significant to the direction of the rest of the war – a small town with a location that impacted history.

On June 9, 1863, the town of Brandy Station was thrust into the Civil War. For three weeks the area of battle, the 1800 acres of fields, were scouted and reviewed by both sides. When the battle finally came, the result was the largest cavalry battle in American history. The battle ended with the retreat of the Confederate army and the continued occupation of the area by Union forces. It is this moment that some say Brandy Station “made” the Federal cavalry unit due to the successful start to the larger Gettysburg campaign.

Today, Brandy Station boasts many sites on the National Register of Historic Places such as Farley, Auburn, and the famous Graffiti House. Most notable to the Civil War history, the Graffiti House is home to the inscriptions of soldiers over various walls of the house. Everything from names to units to entire message can be found in the Graffiti House – a true piece of genuine surviving history worth seeing.


A historical battlefield, a house of memoirs, and a rich history that surrounds the entire area – what more could one want to see? The historical significance of the town of Brandy Station can be not only seen, but felt as you stroll through the streets of history or walk among the trees of the battlefield. It is an unincorporated town with a very incorporated history.

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