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The building that now serves as the operating facility for the Jackson Plastics Corporation was originally built in 1951 for the Hercules Trouser Company. In 1960, the company closed the site and moved operations to Arkansas. A year later, the Jackson Corporation moved into the building and used the site for the manufacture of plastic products. The official name of the company is the Jackson Plastics Corporation, and it primarily produces plastic products for use in hotel rooms. The company is still an active employer in the city of Jackson and is an important part of Jackson's diversified economy.

The mid 20th century was a period of economic change in Jackson. During the 1950s, the two primary industries in Jackson were the iron and apple industries, both of which were in decline. From the 1950s onward, the apple orchards were slowly abandoned. Currently, the Richards Bros. Orchard is the only operating apple orchard in the county. The iron industry was the longest-lived staple of the Jackson economy. During the 1860s, eleven iron furnaces operated in the county. By 1950, only two furnaces remained in operation, Globe Iron and Jackson Iron and Steel Company (JISCO). By 1960, both furnaces were closed, and the iron industry was no longer a part of the Jackson economy. 

The Hercules Trouser Company was one of several new companies coming into Jackson and was one of the earliest to do so. The company moved into the facility in 1951, after the city council approved the construction of the building in 1950 specifically so the company could open a branch in Jackson. The company had another facility in nearby Wellston, Ohio. The next major industry that came into Jackson was the frozen food industry with Chun-King. Chun-King later became Bellisio Foods Inc. under the original owner of Chun-King, Jeno Paulucci. Today, Bellisio Foods Inc. is the largest employer in the city of Jackson. Other new industries that came to Jackson include Goodyear in the 1960s and Merillat in the 1970s. 
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