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The Lighthouse Cafe is a world famous Jazz venue located in California. It use to be a restaurant that showcased jazz music on certain nights, but when the sessions gained a popularity the restaurant became a house of Jazz.

  • The inside of the Lighthouse Cafe.
  • Ryan Gosling playing the piano in the movie La La Land at the Lighthouse Cafe.
  • The backside of The Lighthouse Cafe
The Lighthouse use to be a restaurant called Verpilate's. It became The Lighthouse in 1940 and Cafe was added to the end in 1981 when it was sold to a new owner. The jazz scene first began when The Lighthouse owner allowed a bassist to become a reoccurring performer on Sunday nights. After awhile of it just being the lone bassist and a few additions here and there the club owner decided on putting together a permanent house band and calling them the Lighthouse All-Stars. The Lighthouse All-Stars were the main house band, but they often had guest musicians the accompanied them such as, Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, and Miles Davis. 
The Lighthouse Cafe never lost its popularity, but there was a resurgence in interest after the release of the 2016 movie La La Land. A movie about an aspiring jazz musician and aspiring actress that meet and fall in love in the city of Los Angeles. The jazz musician that is portrayed by Ryan Gosling wants everyone to know how amazing jazz is, so he bring the aspiring actress to The Lighthouse Cafe on their first date. This scene in the movie has brought national attention to The Lighthouse Cafe and has made it a tourist attraction.

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