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I chose Saint Paul’s College for my entry because, Saint Paul’s was located in my hometown of Lawrenceville Virginia. Saint Paul’s College were one of many HBCU’s within the state of Virginia. The college was founded in 1888 by a former slave named James Solomon Russell, Mr. Russell envisioned for the African American community to advance through obtaining a quality education. Saint Paul’s College has a lot of sentimental value to my family and I, majority of family members have received a degree from the college. One of the most significant things about the College, it served an improvised area in the south. While many individuals were able to obtain a degree and further their future it all came to an end on June 30th, 2018. When the college was founded in 1888, he purchased 50 acres of land in the area, that later transitioned into over a 100 acres. During the time period when Saint Paul’s College was first established it was a “norm school”, a norm school is a school or university that strictly trains students to become teachers. However, during the same time period, they offered specialized training in agricultural and industrial fields such as brick masonry, carpentry, architect, and auto mechanics which were all prominent fields. Later on down the road in 1941, Saint Paul’s College was granted the right to present 4 year degrees by the State of Virginia, which lead to name change to Saint Paul’s Polytechnic Institute. By the 1957 it transitioned back to its original name Saint Paul’s College which is used now today. Saint Paul’s College was one of 106 HBCU’s in the United States, one of the three were founded by the Episcopal Church. Furthermore, by the 20th century Saint Paul’s College were able to offer undergraduate degrees for the average college student and distance learning in its programs. The college offered many programs, the adult education stood out the most. The program assisted many working adults to acquire a four-year degree. Saint Paul’s provided a single parent program which helped single teen parents who wanted to obtain a college education. The single parent program had a daycare facility on the campus, where the students could take their kids to while they were in class or work. Consequently prior to Saint Paul’s College closing its doors in 2013, the school were faced with hardships while trying to obtain their Accreditation from Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACS). In previous years the college was warned for violating polices that were implemented such as, stable finances and a lack of teachers without a terminal degree. Addition to that, a federal judge placed the college on a probation phase for their accreditation. Within in those two years the college could never recover from many hardships, the student enrollment had a huge decline, while many fundraised for the college it never got back to being an accredited school. On June 30th,2013 Saint Paul’s College closed their doors for good, after serving the community125 years and providing many people a place to call home. Currently at this time, Saint Paul’s College was purchased by the Xinhua Education Investment Corporation. It was purchased in November; many people are waiting for the education company to move forward.