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This county history museum is located in a historic post office that was dedicated in 1898. The "castle-like design of the French Renaissance Revival architecture made this a unique post office and a beloved symbol of the community. For this reason, plans to construct a new post office at this location in the 1930s was met with strong local opposition. After local protests, the federal government decided to expand the existing structure. By 1970, the federal government had completed a new post office and the building was vacant. Again threatened with demolition, local residents worked to find a suitable alternative. The County reserved funds to preserve and maintain the building as a museum. Today, the Saginaw County Museum offers signature displays on the Native American tribes of the area, Saginaw's early history as a lumber-producing region, and early manufacturers that produced automobiles long before Detroit came to dominate that industry.

  • Architect William Martin Aitken found inspiration from the history of the region, which had been settled by French colonists.
  • The museum operates a mobile museum for grade school children called "History on the Move" that includes exhibits and activities for local schools.