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The University of Montevallo's Anagama kiln is a 40-foot long woodfire kiln built primarily out of brick. It is one of the few kilns of its kind in the United States. The kiln is typically fired twice a year as part of the university's ceramics classes.

  • The anagama kiln site
  • Preparing the kiln for a firing
  • The inside of the kiln as it's being loaded with work
The University of Montevallo's anagama kiln was built by Dr. Scott Meyer as part of a series of wood fire kilns. Construction began in 1999, after Meyer received a donation of bricks. Before constructing the kiln, he took a sabbatical to visit other anagma kilns around the country and plan his design. Ultimately, he settled on a more traditional design.

The kiln has one chamber, and most of the pieces are fired in the middle and back sections of the chamber. However, some pieces may be placed in other parts of the kiln in order to achieve certain effects. The kiln reaches 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit and must be watched and maintained at all times during the 100-hour firing process.
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