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Founded in 1963 by four community leaders --Mary Metzke, Clifton Lewis, June Strauss, and Nanette Fisher--their goal was to establish a fine art gallery and a space for art education activities for Tallahassee and the Big Bend region. LeMoyne is currently located in the restored 1854 Antebellum Meginniss-Munroe home. Originally, it was in the Deeb House in the Park Avenue Historic District. In addition to offering gallery space to local artists and traveling exhibits, a sculpture garden is open to the rear, and a ceramics studio is in the basement. An education center is in a separate building. LeMoyne also has its own permanent collection including works by George Milton, Karl Zerbe, and Nancy Reid Gunn.

  • LeMoyne Art Foundation Fete Celebration
  • Women with paintings at the LeMoyne Art Foundation
  • LeMoyne Art Center at Meginniss-Munroe House
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