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The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art presents temporary exhibitions of local, regional, national, and international contemporary artists. The museum does not house its own collection. Its mission is to help the public engage and better understand the world around them through the art exhibitions and the various educational programs it offers. These include workshops, tours, family art-making projects, and the art truck, which goes to schools.

  • The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art offers temporary exhibitions featuring works by contemporary artists from the state, region, country and around the world.
The museum was founded in 1931 as the Art Barn Association and was run by volunteers. A local activist and art enthusiast Alta Rawlins led the effort to establish the organization. It was located near the University of Utah campus. In 1958, it was renamed the Salt Lake Art Center and moved to its current location on Temple Street in 1979. It adopted its current name in 2011 to better reflect its focus on contemporary art. 
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Photo: Utah Museum of Contemporary Art