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Located inside the Rio Tinto Center on the University of Utah Campus, the Natural History Museum of Utah was established in 1969. It features a large collection of 1.6 million objects and several permanent exhibits that explore Utah's rich natural history as well the legacy and contemporary life of native tribes that inhabit the state. Specifically, the exhibits highlight Utah's weather, climate, biodiversity, geological history, ancient life (there are a number of dinosaur skeletons on display), and the Great Salt Lake. Another exhibit showcases the work of the museum's scientists. The museum offers a wide variety of educational programming for people of all ages. It was located in the George Thomas Building from 1969-2011.

  • The Natural History Museum of Utah moved into the Rio Tinto Center in 2011.
  • The George Thomas Building was the museum's home from 1969-2011.
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Photos: Wikimedia Commons