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This Museum is a collection representing the history of the town's school's, the Community and surrounding area. There are several items representing Major League baseball player, Elden Auker, who grew up in Norcatur, KS.

The Norcatur Museum was founded in 2010 by former City Clerk, Chris Dempewolf. It was created as a way to share items that remained in the school after its closing. The High School closed in 1970, the Jr High in 1979, then the Grade School closed in 1984. The School District absorbed many of the items and others were sold at Auction, however, many items still remained in the building that the City of Norcatur purchased to house the City Office, Library and have a large Community Room. The Museum grew to collect items from the Community as well and was placed in one of the Grade School classrooms Many donations were made. By 2011, under the direction of City Clerk, Deb Marshall, the Museum had outgrown 1 room and was moved into 2 rooms, separating the school from the community items. Unfortunately, in 2013, we had a major storm come through town the eve of Fathers Day, that ripped the roof off the majority of the Grade School, exposing the rooms below. With the help of numerous volunteers, all the Museum items and City Office were moved in haste to the connected High School. No items were damaged, but the records of the donations were lost. By 2014, the Museum was placed in 3 rooms in the upper level of the High School! We have a wonderful collection of the History of the Norcatur Schools as well as the Norcatur Community and the surrounding area!