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The Norcatur Museum was established over time as a response to the closure of the community's schools starting in the 1970s. The museum's original collection reflects its origins with many items from the town's schools, with other items donated by community members in Norcatur and surrounding areas. Highlights of the museum include several items related to the career of Elden Auker, a professional baseball player who grew up in Norcatur.

The museum was created in response to the closing of the community school by residents who wanted a way to preserve and share items that remained in the building after years of consolidation. The town's high school closed in 1970 and the junior high followed suit in 1979. Five years later, the town's grade school also closed. The school district used many items from the school building during these years, while others were sold at auction. The city purchased the former school building to house a library along with city offices and a large community room. The museum is also located in the former school with a growing collection of items.

In 2011, under the direction of City Clerk, Deb Marshall, the museum expanded into two rooms with one room focussing on the history of the schools and the other including items from the community. A major storm in 2013 destroyed the roof which exposed the museum collection to the elements, but with the help of numerous volunteers, all the museum items and city offices were moved to the other side of the building which houses the high school. No items were damaged, but the records of the donations were lost in the storm. By 2014, the museum expanded into three rooms in the upper level of the former high school.