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For nearly 200 years the Lincklaen House has remained the center of activity for visitors and locals alike here in Cazenovia. Built by a group of local investors in 1835 to replace the Madison County hotel, which was located on the south side of the village green, the Lincklaen House was, and remains, an elegant example of the Greek Revival style. Construction on the hotel was begun in the spring of 1835 and completed in the fall of 1836, costing $23,000. It was built with stone from the Jackson Quarry on Stone Quarry Road and brick from a factory just south of the village. The same building materials can be seen in the two buildings adjoining the hotel to the right, which were built concurrently. Shortly after completion, the hotel was sold to John Williams for $9,000. In 1916 the hotel was damaged by fire, leading then-owner Henry Burden to embark on renovations that added to the building’s sophisticated charm. Much of the finely carved woodwork and molding added in 1916 is still in evidence today. The hotel has served as a graceful retreat to many illustrious visitors over its lifetime, including former President Grover Cleveland, John D. Rockefeller and numerous stars of the stage and screen. No visit to Cazenovia can be complete without a stay or just a meal at this historic landmark.

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