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Founded in 1963, the Tulsa Historical Society & Museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting Tulsa's history. It is located in the beautiful, Sam Travis Mansion, which was built by its namesake in the Italianate Revival style in 1919 (Travis made his fortune in the oil industry). The Society holds 200,000 items related to the city's past including textiles, decorative arts, personal artifacts, documents, architectural elements, books, maps, photographs, and other items. These items are used as part of the museum's rotating exhibits (there are no permanent exhibits) throughout the year. The Society also offers a wide variety of educational programming for people of all ages. There is also a research library and a garden that features sculptures depicting the five Native American tribes of the state.

  • The Tulsa Historical Society & Museum was established in 1963 and has been housed in the former Travis Mansion since 1998.
The Society was located in the historic Thomas Gilcrease House (Gilcrease was avid art collector; a museum in Tulsa is named after him and is a Clio entry) from 1985-1998. A succession of owners lived in the Travis home until 1997 when the last family sold it to the Society, which moved in the following year. It was then renovated in 2007.
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Photo: Tulsa Historical Society & Museum